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About Us

Published on 18/03/2015 08:00 | Views 17177


  What does bag mean for people? Nowadays bag is not only important and necessary accessorise, but also have a lot of functions, such as showing the unique style, elegance, tastes, the social and material positions of owner. Now it’s difficult to be without bag on work, at school or university, doing shopping, walking or in any other places.


  Being in the business of bag manufacturer for more than 17 years, many traditions were formed in our company, which allowed us to pass through all trials successfully.


  JHCOS company was established in 14.03.1997. The company works with OEM and produces various kinds of bags such as shoulder bags, hand bags, bag packs, tennis bags, waist bags, office bags, wallets, trolleys etc. Our main customers are PUMA, SOLO,  ARENA, UMBRO, LECOQ, UNIQLO, QUICKSILVER, ZARA, ROXY, DC SHOES, DEEPLY, SURF DOME, SKINS, SET VINA Electronics and DAICHU. Our fashion, high quality, well sertificated by Big Brand products are exported to such big markets as Japan, Korea and USA. Company’s activitity is carried out under strict quality control and in accordance with the standards.


  One of our strong points is professional service that focuses on the individual needs of each customer and high quality of goods.


  Our staff consists of nearly 300 employees producing about 6 millions products per year.


  JHCOS team is professionals with huge practice and experience in various area of marketing, advertising, design and logistics. Our staff of high-qualified people can solve problems of any complexity.


  We have selective approach hiring employees, choosing the best professionals in Asia.


 Making new models we tend to perfection! Together we “share the dream” and create a beautiful future!