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  • Lunar New Year 2019

    JHCOS company held a big party for all workers of the company on Lunar New Year. Workers have a holiday dinner, play a lottery and funny games and sing songs. Workers who win the games or a lottery, receive such gifts as ...

    Lunar New Year 2019
  • New Year Party 2019

    JHCOS company cordially greets all employees and customers, hoping that next year may have many successes and achievements. Our best wishes to each one of you. Happy New Year!

    New Year Party 2019
  • Catba trip 2018

    Catba trip 2018
  • 11.08.2018 Great company party

    “The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers.” — Richard Branson

    11.08.2018 Great company party
  • Summer vacation to Cat Ba island

    Summer vacation to Cat Ba island
  • JHCOS Birthdays

    JHCOS Birthdays
  • Jhcos memories

    JHCOS members are friendly to each other. We like to spend free time together.

    Jhcos memories
  • New Year Eve - 2017

    JHCOS President Yi Cheol Sang spent New Year Eve with the poor people in Nam Khoa Village (Lao Cai province). 

    New Year Eve - 2017
  • Visiting nursing home residents

    Visiting nursing home residents
  • Bring love in a season of giving

    Before New Year JHCOS staff and management visited a nursing home, situated in An Lao District.

    Bring love in a season of giving
  • Mid Autumn Festival

    With the lion dance, all the evils will run away and bring the lucky to JHCOS members

    Mid Autumn Festival
  • Occupational Health and Safe training

    This year we invite the Safety Expert from An Lao Department of Occupational Health and Safety to train all the workers and managers. 

    Occupational Health and Safe training
  • Health test and Training

    Safety first! It is very importance to bring our member a safe working invironment. Anually company hold 2 times health checking and safety training for all the workers and managers.

    Health test and Training
  • Staff Holidays

    The most important thing in business - is harmonious staff. Our Staff is united team. We often have picnics, celebrate all holidays together as Birthdays, New Year, Women's Day, Independence Day etc. Also every year we have joint resort holiday. In ...

    Staff Holidays
  • Visiting Nursing Home

      Huge impress in our memories was after visiting the nursing home. Always realising the importance of such visit, JHCOS company stuck to its colours and held a meeting before New Year.            These people have passed through a lot of trials of ...

    Visiting Nursing Home
  • JHCOS and English Festival

    07.02.2015 JHCOS visited English Festival in Dong Hoa High School and made gifts to A-students. 200 students have recieved bags in recognition of their achievements in studies, sports, additional education and public life.         

    JHCOS and English Festival